Welcome Continental IT clients!

We are very excited to share some exciting news with you!


Momentum has entered into a definitive agreement under which Momentum ECM, LLC has acquired Continental Imaging & Technology, LLC. Terms of the transaction were not disclosed.  


The addition of 71 clients has added to Momentum’s growing client base, with the opportunity to continue proving the value of their unique approach – annual Business Process Reviews included in the client’s LSAP fees, thereby leveraging a Best Practices approach to building the most efficient business for our clients.  


Momentum continues to seek out other well-run businesses with similar products, services, and customers – and found that Continental IT was a perfect match. Both companies share a common philosophy and similar platform – to provide customers with business transforming processes using the unparalleled Laserfiche software platform.

This transition provides the opportunity for John McNickle and John O’Leary to retire and enjoy additional time with their family and personal interests.

Additionally, we are excited to inform you that Patrick McNickle will be joining the Momentum family and will remain engaged with the clients he has cared for over the many years. 

“Having built Continental IT’s Laserfiche business over the last 20 years, we felt a personal obligation to find the best home for the continued success of our clients.  As it became time for my other partners to retire, we began a year-long search to find the ideal company to meet & exceed our customers needs.  Momentum was the end result of that extensive process and joining their team as the Customer Success Consultant for the Northeast Region was excellent way to continue bringing value to both Continental IT and Momentum’s clientele.”  CSCNR, J. Patrick McNickle 

While we are very excited about this news, this announcement is just the first step in the process. You can expect to be contacted by an our Operations Manager, Corey Robert in the upcoming weeks to schedule face to face introductions and your Business Process Review (included in the LSAP fees). 

“We are very excited about this recent news, and have been working diligently behind the scenes to plan a smooth transition for our newest Laserfiche family members. Our team will continue to work to earn the same loyalty that Continental IT has earned over the years. We are proud to have these new Momentum customers and look forward to being their partner for years to come.” Operations Manager, Corey Robert   


As I am sure you have already seen, we have been working diligently behind the scenes to plan a smooth transition of your Laserfiche support experience, and our team will continue to work to earn the same loyalty that you have given Continental IT over the years. We are proud to have you as a Momentum customer and look forward to being your partner for years to come.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions.

Best regards,


Tom Hogue

Chief Executive Officer

833-585-7474 ext 104